Our aim is to invest in and build long term  companies and, in so doing, benefit a wide variety of stakeholders, including Shareholder founding executives, customers, suppliers, and employees.

Our Vision
Kratos will be recognized as an innovative business incubator and a holding company. We will provide our portfolio companies with assistance through our network of experiences and relationship. Our ability to leverage those experiences on behalf of our portfolio companies. Our people and our organization will come to represent the ideal business partner for entrepreneurs who wish to start and grow a new company.

Our Values
• Relationships. We are committed to developing long-term relationships with entrepreneurs and business partners. Building confidence and trust such that our contacts will work with us on numerous opportunities.
• Passion. We are extremely passionate about the industries and companies we interact with.
• Expertise. We bring the highest level of expertise to our work. Our staff and affiliated consultants are comprised of recognized experts in various industries, technologies and functional areas.
• Technology is the key to taking the lead in our fast-changing economic environment and we aggressively leverage technology internally and within our portfolio companies.
• Partnership. We promote a collaborative partnership with our portfolio companies and view ourselves as an integral extension of their business.
• Integrity. We insist on honesty and fairness as the guides against which all of our actions must be measured, and we dedicate ourselves to walking the high ground in all our actions.
• Diversity. We embrace a focus on ability and character as the driving forces for accomplishment in career advancement.
• Opportunity. We believe that the ability to see opportunity for our portfolio companies, and help them seize it, is the cornerstone of our services and is central to our overall value proposition.